Projects recently completed

- Greenbrier
  Yorba Linda, California
- Malabar Ranch
  San Diego, California
- Ironwood Estates
- Rancho Cucamonga, California
- La Costa Ridge
  Carlsbad, California
- Eastridge Custom Lots
  Fairfield, California

Projects currently under construction

- Martana
  La Quinta, California
- Private Residence
  Newport Beach, California
- Lincoln Square
  Napa, California
- Bicentennial Estates & The Arbors
- Santa Rosa, California

Projects currently in design

- 9 Semi Custom Homes
- Redwood City, California
- Lake Jennings Residential Units
- & Commercial Site
  San Diego, California
- Multi-family Residential &
- Commercial Site

  Murrieta, California
- Private Residence
  San Mateo, California

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